Lois Yuran Gore : Psychotherapy with Spirit

Psychotherapy with Spirit

Emotional and Spiritual Growth for Women


Our Work Together

The Foundation

We are each unique and precious expressions of something vast and perfect - of True Nature.

Our lives unfold naturally as this expression when we are able to see through our "conditioned self" and connect with what is most real in us.

The Process

To see through our "conditioned self", we need to develop the capacity to discriminate between what is deeply true for us and what we've taken to be the truth through our conditioning. We need to learn to be there for ourselves with openness, curiosity, strength, and kindness as we do this challenging work.

It is a tremendous support to have a seasoned professional that you can trust to gently yet firmly support and guide you in this work.

How I can Help

My role is to help you work through the structures (patterns, self-concepts, self-images, etc.) that create a limited sense of self while nurturing your growing connection with the larger truth of who and what you are. I will be truthful with you and ask that you be truthful with yourself, even when that is quite difficult.

You can count on me to lovingly hold the space for you to unfold while telling you what I see with clarity, objectivity and kindness.

The Possibilities

Our work together will help you develop clarity about your values, desires and purpose. It will inspire you to take actions to express yourself, authentically, in the world- actions that reflect self-awareness, compassion, and truth.


"Lois has helped me to lovingly uncover (time and again) the inner judge that strangles me, and by seeing that I loosened my identity with the habit patterns of old and restricting thoughts. I felt more 'whole' at the end of each session. Her Presence held the space for me to simply be with myself."
PM, Kirkland