Lois Yuran Gore : Psychotherapy with Spirit

Psychotherapy with Spirit

Emotional and Spiritual Growth for Women

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the work structured?
After an initial contact by telephone, we will meet together in person to explore where you are and how I can best support you in your unfolding.

How will I know that this work is serving me?
You can trust that this work is serving you when you are connecting more and more deeply with yourself; experiencing more and more spaciousness, relaxation and aliveness in your life. The work won't always be easy. Fears and disappointments are a part of what it is to be human, and will be part of our process. Our work will help you to be with yourself in a kind and loving way when those moments occur in our work together and in your life.

How long will our work together continue?
Our work will be open-ended and will continue for as long as it serves you. I will encourage you to engage with me in an ongoing evaluation of our work together. Ultimately, you will decide when it is the right time for our work together to end.


"Lois' sense of something bigger gives her openness, vulnerability and humility. She has an open heart"
AM, Issaquah